Farmer phone antenna

Our products and services include:

Mobile Phone boosters:

Cel Fi (Australian approved) mobile phone boosters Blackhawk, RFI and Mars branded indoor and outdoor antennas

3G, 4G connected antennas including:

Blackhawk and RFI branded antennas of types: Yagi, log periodic, and panel types

Data and WiFi access points products:

Altai carrier grade WiFi

Ubiquiti indoor and outdoor WiFi antennas

Mars outdoor antennas

Robustel and Teltonika Industrial modems.

Public address systems and audio video

Redback and Australian Monitor

Digital mixers

Admaster (by Distribution Media)



Assisted Hearing Systems

Bellman and Symfon


Please contact us if there is something you are after as the above is only a small amount of the items I have access to.